emails no longer forwared since 29.01.21

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emails no longer forwared since 29.01.21

Postby sabstree » Fri Feb 05, 2021 10:29 pm

Hi everyone!
I have used SG for many years now and grew very fond of it. :)

I have two accounts, and both of them suddenly stopped working last Friday. When I log into my account on the SG website, I can see SG receiving the email and counting it as "forwarded" by checking the statistic in "advanced mode" when clicking on "search addresses". I have tested this numerous times, it always is the same. The message is counted as forwarded, but I won't receive it.

Obviously I tried changing my receiver email by changing the "protected address", but no luck, same result.
What is interesting though, is that I am receiving the confirmation emails sent by SG to let me know my protected address has been changed. This means SG can send me emails, and SG also receives the email it is meant to forward to my protected address, and also thinks it has forwarded the email, when in fact it has not.

I was not registered on this board yet, so I had to make a third account in order to write this post.

The whole ordeal is especially troublesome for me, because I used a SG email to register on Github. And Github sends a verification code each time I want to log in (github is a trusted sender). This means I never receive this verification code and I cannot log into my Github account anymore.

If anyone has an idea what to do in this situation, I would be very grateful!

After 11 days my SG accounts now suddenly seems properly forward messages again. No idea why. I have not changed anything. All emails I should have got in the past 11 days are lost however.

It stopped working again. (14th, Feb 2021) :(
Did not change a thing, yet the symptoms are exactly as before. The email is received by SG, counted as "forwarded" but not actually sent to my protected email.
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