Spamgourmet domains blacklisted by disposable_email_checker

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Spamgourmet domains blacklisted by disposable_email_checker

Postby lwc » Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:56 pm

disposable_email_checker is a free open source project that provides other projects with a blacklist of disposable domains.
Their list contains every single domain that Spamgourmet displays in its UI. If they happened to miss any secretive Spamgourmet domain, please don't write it here because they might read and add it too.

Here's even a case study of a project that uses this list: Mantis Bug Tracker is a free open source web-based bug tracking system. It has a forced protection against disposable addresses, so that reporters (and developers alike) won't easily dodge replies. You can see how it uses disposable_email_checker in Mirror 1 and Mirror 2. They were made aware of Spamgourmet, but pointed in the direction of disposable_email_checker.

If you want this situation changed, please join this feature request.
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Re: Spamgourmet domains blacklisted by disposable_email_chec

Postby SG-Fan » Mon May 06, 2019 10:12 pm

I did join the request without success.

Martis Bug Tracker rejects Spamgourmet's mails, because Victor Boctor's disposable mail checker rejects, too (lwc could partly stop this individual rejection). The latter rejects, because Kickbox rejects, too.
I, therefore, addressed Kickbox. Here is my attempt:

On Sun, 5 May, Christoph <> wrote via contact form:
Dear Kickbox-Team,
I'm a user of the email-forwarder Spamgourmet. Please delete "" from your blacklist, as you put the entire domain there accidentally. ("0" is a number, not a letter)
This domain is part of Spamgourmet. In Spamgourmet, users register with their real mail address and then send&receive mails via forwarding. When an interlocutor gets hacked and spreads spam, the forwarding can be paused. I, e.g. have been using theese forwarder addresses at since Nov. 2002, which I feel as permanent and not a fake.
Thanks in advance, Mr. Christoph Thomas

The support representative Mark answered:
Hi Christoph,

Thanks for reaching out.

While we appreciate the legitimate usage of privacy protecting services like Spamgourmet we have decided to continue counting them as "disposable" in order to protect other services from their potential abuse. Also, as Kickbox requires all verified data to be opt-in some may feel that sharing a disposable address such as one from Spamgourmet would not necessary be in the spirit of "opt-in". Our own CEO also operates a similar service,, and has added that to the disposable list as well for these very reasons.

Thank you for your time and understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions going forward.

Mark @ Kickbox

Christoph replied via e-mail <>
Dear Mark,

I don't agree with your arguments. At least, thank you for answering at all. I hope this appreciation reaches you and doesn't get stuck in a spam filter.

using Spamgourmet

Thanks for your understanding, Christoph.
If you have any questions moving forward please feel free to reach out.

Mark @ Kickbox stays blacklisted. I've had enough.
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