Can I buy some new domains for SG?

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Can I buy some new domains for SG?

Postby pogue972 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:41 pm

I've noticed more and more that the default (non-secret) list of SG emails are getting blacklsited by sites and not being able to be registered.

Could I buy a few cheap domains that have more of a 'legitimate' look to them? For example, they could look like a business or something so they aren't so suspicious looking to outsiders? Like, is obvious to server admins that that is a temporary disposable email address but something like or some using the new TLDs might not look so suspicious to admins ... extensions (I didn't even realize 90% of these existed.)

If Josh (the admin of SG) wants, I could transfer the domains in his name or otherwise just register them under a privacy service.

I'm baffled, btw, at some of the new TLDs that have cropped up since I started getting on the internet in the mid 90s. Some are cheap, and would be no problem to register.

EDIT: Scratch that. At least on this site I linked, which was the first one that popped up on Google, they start off at like $9 registration fee, then go up to $39 a year. That's not a horrible fee, but it still can't beat NameCheap.

Anyway, Josh, if you're interested, get in touch with me at :)
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