Mail logged, but gets dropped (sometimes) / feature request

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Mail logged, but gets dropped (sometimes) / feature request

Postby jgombos » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:21 pm

I've noticed mail is not always making it to my inbox. Ironically, it's getting logged - confirming that the message made it to SG. After that, there is no trace of what happened.

What does this mean? This may be coincidental, but I noticed that every time a message was dropped, it was the first message through.

It's very frustrating. Even though SG is used for correspondence with untrustworthy parties, the email system itself must be trustworthy, because untrusted senders are depended on for important mail. It looks like I lost access to a bank account because of this problem.. luckily it was a new account w/ no funds yet.

Is it possible that my ISPs mail server goes down temporarily, and SG gives up trying to send and simply drops the message? If that's possible, then I have a feature request: add support for users to specify an alternate email address in case the first attempt fails.
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