Companies that *don't* spam or sell your address

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Companies that *don't* spam or sell your address

Postby josh » Thu Aug 31, 2006 3:56 am

One thing spamgourmet does for you is to help track who does what with your email address. Since you're probably using a different address for each company you're talking to, and because stats are kept for each address, it's easy to see when there's been a leak. We have a mature thread to discuss those folks who appear to have sold us out, so I thought I'd start a thread to mention the companies that, sometimes surprisingly, *haven't* sold us out.

I'll start with e-Rewards ( ) - this is a company that gets you to take surveys, and "pays" you with these play-dollars, which you can then exchange for stuff -- I took some surveys on my smartphone when I was standing in line, etc., and got some hotel points that I haven't used yet. Anyway, if I ever didn't trust a company to keep my email address to themselves, it was these guys, and so I was only too happy to supply them with their own spamgourmet address.

About a year and a half later, they've sent 219 emails, pretty much all of them inviting me to take a survey, showing status, and stuff like that, and there have been ZERO emails eaten or from anyone else.

Anyway, I got my hotel points, and I'm kind of burned out on the surveys -- I can go try and unsubscribe (at this point, I have to believe that unsubscribing will work), or if that doesn't work, just 86 the address. But in any event, way to go e-Rewards!
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