Wanted: exclusive subject lines

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It would be useful to have a way of making human responses to usenet posts exclusive

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Wanted: exclusive subject lines

Postby jgombos » Tue Feb 21, 2006 5:49 am

Posting to usenet is a tricky issue, because you want your readers to be able to reply, but you don't want spam bots to burn through your stack and then end up black holing a legit lagging message. You also don't know who will respond, so you don't know who to make an exclusive sender, nor can you expect them to have the ability to edit their from line.

The solution? Your sig tells human responders to include a keyword somewhere in their message (perhaps the subject line), then you configure your sg profile to forward these messages without counting them. This would be useful.

SG could also have an exclusive 2nd field. ie. post using this email address:


then tell users to replace "please-spam" with "legit-mail". SG would treat messages with "legit-mail" in the address as exclusive senders.
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