The Spammers Found me - under DFGH

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The Spammers Found me - under DFGH

Postby mysticturner » Thu Oct 13, 2005 2:45 am

Well the spammers finally found me and I'm surprised what they've done. I've gotten two spams, both under new addresses. The first one was addressed to dfgh.m y u s e r i d <> (coding a bit but you get the idea). If they know a bit about SG, they could do this, but the second was to dfgh.netyho.m y u s e r i d<> which actually resolves back to the same sg address. On the second they added a counter (which is useless since it's already set to the default) and most surprising, changed the domain to the domain. I've zeroed the counter, but they know enough to create at will.

They're getting smarter. One more and it's time for a keyword.
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