Specify "from" name globally and per-address

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Specify "from" name globally and per-address

Postby crazycomputers » Tue Apr 26, 2005 3:14 am

It would be handy to be able to apply a "from" name globally, or for every address. This name would be used in the From: field of passthru messages -- messages written to a "+word+name+code.to_mailbox#to_server@spamgourmet.com" address. Several times I have sent mail through such an address, and the person on the other end sees the sg address, and has absolutely no idea who it is from, and deletes it as spam. If the address has an attached name, that would show in most mail clients instead (or in addition to) the address, making it clear who the message is from.

The global name setting would be used for all addresses that do not specify their own name. Then each address could specify a name for just that address, for when you use a fake name on a service that asks for your name, address, shoe size, etc.

If a global name is not set, sg could use the "real" from name by default, so if my mail client is set to send "Joe User" as my real name, sg would use that too.

A similar application could be used on messages forwarded through a disposable address. Right now, an incoming message with a From field in the format "name <address>" is reformatted as "name - address <sg-passthru-address>". There could be an account option that would leave the From field alone, and simply add a Reply-To header specifying the passthru address. If a Reply-To header already exists, it could be replaced with a passthru address going to that address, instead of using the address in the From field. In both cases, the From field is left untouched, so adding the person's real address to a local address book doesn't require a bunch of copy/paste antics.
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