Errors in the "exclusive sender" functionality?

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Errors in the "exclusive sender" functionality?

Postby vsp » Thu Jan 13, 2005 1:06 am

Quoting from the FAQ -
(just don't put the disposable address itself here, of course, since that would have the effect of allowing an unlimited number of messages from anyone)

This would seem to indicate that if I have an address and if I make it an exclusive sender to itself, and then use it to subscribe to a mailing list, I should keep getting messages sent to the list indefinitely.

I did just that recently, by creating 3 addresses for 3 lists and then making each address an exclusive sender for itself. A few days later, I stopped getting email from all 3 lists and saw that the SG message counts for these addresses had gone to zero.

Isn't this a bug?

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