Can I change or delete a username? (OldForumCopy)

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Can I change or delete a username? (OldForumCopy)

Postby miniscus » Sun Aug 31, 2003 12:01 am

By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
Can I change or delete a username?
2003-04-07 20:00

Is it possible to completely delete a username from the system?

By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
RE: Can I change or delete a username?
2003-04-23 15:39

Is it technically possible?
- yes, the owners and maintainers of the spamgourmet system can do that. Users can't. And, the owners and mainainder just wouldn't, O.K.?

Why can't I, a mere user, do it?
- a moments reflection should give you the answer.
<a moment passes>
Aha! If I deleted my username, which is receiving lots of spam (yum yum), then if somebody else chose to use that username, they would get all the spam being sent to me (no problem), but also any mails sent to that me when the sender didn't know that I had changed or deleted my username. Not good. Could be a privacy issue. So once created, usernames should *never* be deleted.

Spot on! Give that man a cigar.

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