How Secure is the Database? (OldForumCopy)

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How Secure is the Database? (OldForumCopy)

Postby miniscus » Sun Aug 31, 2003 12:00 am

By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
Secure Database
2003-05-25 15:48

I'm new to

In principle, it is a great idea but please forgive me for being a little unsure about it.

How do I know that this site is genuine? You could simply be collecting genuine email addresses to sell or use yourselve.

Assuming that you are the real thing, how secure is your database with all the real email addresses?

By: miniscus ( Arick Hofmann )
RE: Secure Database
2003-05-25 18:15

Welcome to the future!
Check the forum - complaints seem welcome here.
Read the faq's (important).
Check out, what kinda peeps gather here, and what it's all about.
And decide, if you wanna place you're inevitable risks here or elsewhere.
And to be a little mean: What do you expect? promises and lies supporting greed and dependance? Well, you gotta invest some time to fight outdated economic systems. Power is immobile by nature and tends to stink like fish in time. Take your risks and help save us all from the upcoming scream for violence and a "strong hand".
Hope I caught'cha *grin*. Good luck!
Arick, just a user like you.

By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
RE: Secure Database
2003-05-28 12:44

Yes, I've read some of the posts here and it does help to convince me. However, The question about how secure is the database is yet to be answered!

By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
RE: Secure Database
2003-06-01 19:52

Supply an address at another mail provider and turn that one off if necessary. Ensuring that you can't have a problem if the site is compromised beat sworrying about it happening.

By: syskoll ( Fred )
RE: Secure Database
2003-06-08 04:46

Spamgourmet has been around since 2001-02-14. It survives only because it's trusted by its 40,000 users.

Now, 40,000 users seems like a lot. But for a spammer, it's a drop in the ocean. A spammer will only harvest addresses by the million. Anything lower than that is not worth the effort considering the very low return rate of typical spam.

And spammers want gullible morons who actually ANSWER to spam. A list of hardened, cynical, active spam fighters is NOT a target market.

Add to this the fact that the author of SG is a lawyer. Do *you* know a spammer so dumb he wants to piss off a lawyer? A lawyer who hates spam enough to create a service like SG for free?

So even if a traitorous sysadmin was ready to sell SG's address list to a spammer, he would probably not find any interested takers.

Bottom line: I think we're safe. But just to be sure, create a special mail account somewhere and use it as the "real address" to forward your SG messages to. This way, you can just disable that special account if something happens to SG.

-- SysKoll

By: jqh1 ( Josiah Hamilton )
RE: Secure Database
2003-06-20 21:41

The database is as secure as the hosting provider (hurricane electric), which, in my experience, has been pretty darn good -- that is, they usually have critical patches installed immediately, and they use very good practices with regard to how they have unix local and remote security laid out.

As for the integrity of the service itself, there's really no time or money to convince anyone that it's above board -- we actually went live in November 2000. This make us (as far as I know) the second oldest disposable email service after sneakemail.

But really, what would convince you? Big company clout (hopefully not)? Venture capital backing (really hopefully not)?
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