Let me see if I got it (OldForumCopy)

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Let me see if I got it (OldForumCopy)

Postby miniscus » Sat Aug 30, 2003 11:56 pm

By: garyrk ( Gary King )
Let me see if I got it
2003-07-18 01:06

I have an exclusive sender for an address that it says has 0 messages remaining. But they can still snd me email to it-right?

By: maratheamit ( Amit Marathe )
RE: Let me see if I got it
2003-07-18 03:46

That's right.

-- Amit

By: garyrk ( Gary King )
How do you do it?
2003-07-15 04:15

Wake it possible for a trusted sender to send as many emails beyond 20 as they want?

By: nobody ( Nobody/Anonymous )
RE: How do you do it?
2003-07-17 18:03

1) Switch to Advanced Mode, if not already there.

Now, you have two options. Trust the sender
for all of your spamgourmet addresses, or trust the sender for one address.

2a) All Addresses:

On the "main" Advanced page, look for the button labeled "add a trusted sender". Enter the email address in the box above this button and push the button.

2b) Trusted for a single address:

List your disposable addresses

Find the one you want to update and edit it.

Add the user's address as the "exclusive sender" for this address.

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