Existing feature protects you from unauthorized SG addresses

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Existing feature protects you from unauthorized SG addresses

Postby jbs » Tue Aug 03, 2004 6:27 am

I'd like to link to a post from another thread, since I've occasionally thought about a feature like this, and hadn't fully thought through it to realize that Prefixes fit the bill.

If you're concerned about a spammer CREATING a new SG address to send you mail, but you don't want to have to integrate the same watchword into every new address you create, you might want to check out Prefixes, and read about how you can use this feature here:


Hope this is not cross-posting, but I thought this thread's title would bring it to the attention of others who had the same concern as me, even if they had not followed the thread which I linked to above.

Thanks, as always, SG-folk!!

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