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Are these features possible with SG?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 9:50 pm
by xmoddz
I remember a really old service called endjunk and i THINK these were some of the features and if not they were imagined by me lol

A way to block addresses permanently so they dont even show in the log they refuse emails, apparently and offer this, the only problem with these services is when you get an email, the sender is received as random for example and also and SG does not do this it just shows the actual alias that you used which i prefer

A dashboard that shows all the email sent to that specific alias so that we can verify we got them in the event that our email service had a fault or something, of course, this list would be deleted after a set amount of time

Make the alias address trusted instead of the sender domain

More domains or even the ability to use our own domain, speaking of the endjunk domain would be great haha

If these are possible i would be happy to donate to make it happen, or try and hire a developer to make it happen