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Hotmail/ is junking all Spamgourmet e-mails

PostPosted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:10 am
by VanguardLH
I discovered Hotmail would now allow # in the left-token of e-mail addresses (which is used by Spamgourmet in the aliased e-mail header, so replies go back through Spamgourmet). Great, now I can reduce the number of my e-mail accounts down by one. I previously needed to use my ISP's e-mail service because, unlike Microsoft, they didn't reject replies with # in the left-token of an e-mail address for the recipient of a reply.

Alas, I noticed every e-mail redirected through Spamgourmet's aliasing service got classified as spam my Hotmail/'s spam filtering, so all SG-aliased incoming e-mails ended up in the Junk filter. My local e-mail client will notify me about new incoming e-mails in the Inbox but not for those that got dumped by the server into the Junk/Spam folder. I'd miss that a new e-mail came through an SG alias until I loaded the e-mail client and happened to look in the Junk folder.

I tried defining a server-side user rule that would move SG aliased e-mails into the Inbox folder (well, they were already there, so this was a null rule) and stop processing further rules against the same e-mail. Alas, spam filtering is exercised before the user's rules. The spam filter would dump the SG aliased e-mails into the Junk folder, so they were no longer in the Inbox for later execution of user rules to find them there as new incoming messages.

I couldn't use the Safe Senders list since, after all, I wouldn't know the e-mail address in the From header that the sender used when sending to my SG alias.

I tried using the Safe Mailing List to add the SG domain ( to that whitelist. I cannot use wildcarding, as in "*.<mySGacct>", nor regex, as in "+.<mySGacct>@xoxy\.net". I have to specify username@domain or domain (with no leading @ to eliminate subhosts). Alas, Microsoft doesn't obey their Safe Mailing List (which looks in the To header). Despite adding as a whitelisted domain, Hotmail ignores that entry and SG aliased e-mails still get moved into and remain in the Junk folder.

When I brought this to the attention of Microsoft, their response was to have Spamgourmet contact Microsoft to get off Microsoft's domain blacklist. All SG aliased e-mails are considered spam, so they get dumped into the Junk folder. Below is a copy of their reply.

Code: Select all
With this case, I highly recommend you get in touch with your email service provider and kindly forward these links for them to visit and fill out the Sender support form for their domain to be whitelisted and for them to be part of Smart Network Data Service  (SNDS) and Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP):

Sender Support form:
Services, guidelines and policies:
SNDS & JMRP services:

Yeah, well, what they're saying is they have blacklisted the SG domains and it is up to SG to request Microsoft to delist the SG domains. Until then, SG aliased e-mails shows up in the Junk folder. User rules can't get them moved back into the Inbox. Their Safe Mailing whitelist (which is obviously getting ignored) won't keep SG aliased e-mails in the Inbox. Only SG can get Microsoft from blacklisting SG to prevent junking incoming SG aliased e-mails.

I'll still persist in complaining their Safe Mailing List whitelist is ignored. I added but SG aliased e-mails using that domain for aliased e-mails to me are still ending up in the Junk folder.