more last eaten message(s) possible?

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more last eaten message(s) possible?

Postby regn » Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:26 am

Your service is really, really GREAT
there is no need to change anything, also not the design of the website, just a little bit:

is it possible to see more than the "Here is some info about your last 3 eaten message(s) "
maybe 10 ?

several times i forgot to increase the "remaining messages " for a address, and i was not aware that it is already blocked.
with a longer list this would be more save.

everything els is really perfect!

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Re: more last eaten message(s) possible?

Postby snowmaker » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:32 am

This is from the spamgourmet index page (advanced mode).
Hiding the Subject Tagline: If you don't like the extra text that spamgourmet adds to the subject of your messages (e.g., informing you of the number of remaining messages, or the trusted status of the sender), enable the feature that says "hide subject tagline" -- the same information will then be put into a header of the message which you may or may not be able to view with your email client software.

Not only will the number of messages that remain for that entry (as well as the total) be shown, but if the message forwarded is the last one remaining in the count, the text "Last One" will be included too.
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