Spamgourmet domains blacklisted by disposable_email_checker

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Spamgourmet domains blacklisted by disposable_email_checker

Postby lwc » Sat Oct 20, 2018 5:56 pm

disposable_email_checker is a free open source project that provides other projects with a blacklist of disposable domains.
Their list contains every single domain that Spamgourmet displays in its UI. If they happened to miss any secretive Spamgourmet domain, please don't write it here because they might read and add it too.

Here's even a case study of a project that uses this list: Mantis Bug Tracker is a free open source web-based bug tracking system. It has a forced protection against disposable addresses, so that reporters (and developers alike) won't easily dodge replies. You can see how it uses disposable_email_checker in Mirror 1 and Mirror 2. They were made aware of Spamgourmet, but pointed in the direction of disposable_email_checker.

If you want this situation changed, please join this feature request.
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