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Postby End User » Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:47 pm

Okay boys and girls....
Lately there has been received A LOT of email from one one of our addresses (as if we are sending something to ourselves) and when we click the 'show raw' it will not open. What happens upon clicking 'open raw' is the download manager tries to open (but we have it set as 'prompt for download location' so we cancel it each time. Maybe this is because every spam/malware sent has one kind of attachment or another (some zip, some doc etc.) which are 100% malicious. Most of the malmail claims to be that we owe money for some overdue account and the attachment is supposedly the receipt or account balance sheet to show it. These are 100% bogus since NO purchases were made at any time during the month it claims the purchases were made. Further, some emails say our bank such and so blah blah....well guess what? We do not have a bank. The actual company we supposedly owe is never mentioned and the bank name is never mentioned either. The attachments are mostly Trojans but all of them were not checked to see which kinds of malware they might be.

How can we obtain the 'raw' information with all header information if the attachment is always malware? By the way - lately the emails have been sent with nothing in the body of the email at all anymore. Yes, image blocking is on.

Thank you for any assistance.
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