Apple bans spam gourmet addresses

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Apple bans spam gourmet addresses

Postby Lancer » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:27 am

I'll be brief for now because it's late, other than to say that Apple have just this month placed a ban on Spam Gourmet domains. I've used a Spam Gourmet to correspond with Apple for since I started using Apple products (to sign up as my Apple ID, for which the process requires email contact) but a week or so back, I found that I was unable to purchase any more items through the iTunes store (the "Apps" icon). Sending in a ticket resulted in Apple asking me to prove my email address was valid.

Oddly, I can purchase "free" apps just fine. It's only paid purchases which have stopped working. I thought there might be an issue with my credit card.

I have proven (to Apple) that my Spam Gourmet address is legitimate email by pointing out that I could read any of the receipts they have ever sent me.
I also played their game and replied to an email they sent me, double-proving that my email Is valid and fully working.

Nevertheless, I have since received a reply stating that Apple have simply ruled out the Spam Gourmain domain as invalid, with no explanation as to their reasoning.

Here is the actual reply back from them:


Thanks for choosing Apple.

Hello Lance,

I have been informed that this email domain is currently not being allowed for use with our iTunes Store. You will have to change the Apple ID and it will resolve the issue with not being able to make a purchase.

I am real sorry about this. I was not given a reason for this decision either, but this is Apple’s answer.

If needed, here is a link to assist you with changing your Apple ID:

Thank you,

iTunes Store Senior Support


A sad day. Something tells me I'm not at all getting the extra support I paid for with my $100 "Apple Care" subscription.
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Re: Apple bans spam gourmet addresses

Postby Jim27106 » Mon Feb 23, 2015 1:45 am

They must have noticed that with SpamGourmet some big companies have gotten busted for being a little loose with email address security.
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Re: Apple bans spam gourmet addresses

Postby malaha » Fri Feb 27, 2015 8:00 pm

I had the same issue also. Here's a bit more detail for you all:

1) The error message is "Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed. For assistance, contact iTunes Support at"
2) Apple email support told me that my email addess wasn't valid.
3) I tried to change to other domains that spamgourmet uses e.g. neverbox, recrusor. None of them worked.
4) I talked to a apple supervisor. They said this happens when their servers attempts to ping the spamgourmet server to see if your email address is valid. Apparently, the spamgourmet servers are not responding appropriately. It is not clear if this is due to changes on apple's end or spamgourmet's end.
5) I resolved it by changing to a gmail account created only for the appleid.
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Re: Apple bans spam gourmet addresses

Postby Lancer » Sat Feb 28, 2015 4:02 am

Well, I don't think its proper care from Apple at all. Surely dropping the ability for a customer to use their services is effectively breaching their own contract? Especially when I've paid extra for "Apple Care" support?

The ironic thing is that about a year ago, Apple were in the process of writing a patent for anti-spam email with a striking resemblance to what we here in Spam Gourmet already have.

That said, here is my next reply to them...


Hello Rick.

That's no good, is it? As someone who has paid an extra $100 for "Apple Care", I'd like to have that reason which Apple have withheld from me and you as to why they have decided to blacklist my email domain and effectively shut me off from making any further purchases using my Apple ID.

I've used this email domain for years now. I have taken extra effort and have proven to you that my email is valid by replying to your email as requested, and also because I can reference any of the invoices Apple have sent me since 25 June 2011 when I first used this same email to sign up with Apple (at which point, I likewise proved the email was valid through Apple's own reply-verification process).

There is nothing wrong with my email. You know this. So do Apple. They have effectively admitted that the fault is caused by something which has been recently tweaked at their end. If Apple thinks otherwise (e.g. that my email is faulty), then please give me the reasons behind their decision. I believe I am legally entitled to this under the Consumer Care and Support contract which I have paid for, as would a number of other Apple customers who happen to use the same email services as I do.

Why have Apple decided to effectively disable my account at some time within the last month? There has been no issue with my Apple using my email / Apple ID in the past four to five years, and I believe I have been a loyal and honest Apple customer.

At the moment, I can see a whole lot of new Apps on the App Store, but I can't purchase them because of for some reasoning of which is only known to Apple.

Please give me the reasons.
Does Apple suspect me of being dishonest in my dealings with them, or of using my account in a malicious way? Please let me know.
Please see that the recent problem with Apple effectively deactivating my account is properly resolved.

At this point, with answers pending, it looks to me that Apple is in breach of the Customer Service which I have subscribed to. Please correct this by getting back to my on the issues within the next week.

Waiting on your reply,

Lance Flavell.

P.S. Your reply email changed the case number to "case #: XXX". I have repaired the original numeric value for followup purposes. The case is not yet resolved.
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