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Wish I'd get email warning me that I'm down to last email

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:09 am
by classic
Dear Josh,

I use Advanced Mode. I have "hide subject tagline" turned off, because I want emails to show up in one conversation thread in my Gmail.

But I wish I could see the number of remaining messages left before SpamGourmet will start eating messages.

Without having to inspect the email headers to check for number of remaining messages (e.g. "X-Spamgourmet: (somekeyword: message 1 of 8)", how can I be notified that I'm down to my last 2 or last 1 remaining message?

If Gmail's search includes full headers, I would create a filter-plus-label solution. But Gmail's search does not include full headers.

Josh, may I suggest giving us the option to get an automated email from warning us that we have one last message remaing for some keyword?

A simple email with the subject line of "Warning: SomeKeyWord has only 1 message remaining" would be so helpful!

Your thoughts?