Alias with zero use-count still passed on e-mail

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Alias with zero use-count still passed on e-mail

Postby VanguardLH » Fri May 17, 2013 6:50 am

This is the first time that I've noticed this. I was receiving a newletter to which I subscribed but no longer wanted. The sender provides no opt-out procedure so recipients continue getting their newsletter even if no longer wanted. I figured since I gave them an SG alias that all I had to do was to zero out the "remaining messages" count for that alias. I did that a couple days ago. To my surprise, I received another newsletter through what should've been a disabled SG alias. I figured setting an alias to zero for its use-count was an immediate change and would be effected immediately.

I have not seen this happen with aliases that I've created before or after when this particular aliase was created. If I want to disable an alias (since they cannot be deleted but then that wouldn't help since they get created on-the-fly with new incoming e-mails), I set the following attributes and their values on an alias:

- Remaining messages: 0 (zero)
- Hidden

Since they are disabled, I don't want to see them when I later search on my usable (enabled) aliases or new ones created with later e-mails. So I mark them hidden. Since this alias should've been disabled, I also expected the "deleted" count to show e-mails delivered after the disablement to have been deleted. Nope, the deleted count was zero (well, the e-mail did get delivered through what should've been a disabled alias).

When I received the next unwanted newsletter, I went into my SG account and, yep, that alias was set to zero for use-count and marked hidden. The newsletter should have gotten "eaten" (not forwarded and instead deleted). This is the first time that I've noticed this. Maybe it was a non-reproducible hiccup in operation of SG. I will only know if that alias is truly disabled if I never get another newsletter. If I get another newsletter, how do I *really* disable just this one alias?
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