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Web service for updating remaining message count?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:59 pm
by planux

I was wondering if it would ever be possible for there to be a RESTful web service for updating the remaining message count for a given disposable address. Seems like it could also be useful to have a web service to add a specific address as a trusted sender. These are the only two things I ever log onto to do, and it would be great to have a little desktop javascript that took care of these tasks for me without me having to fire up and log into I looked through the BBS archive and there were a few mentions of the possibility of creating web services for a few features, but not these use cases specifically. I guess the alternate would be to create an iMacro (firefox specific) to do this, but that's kludgy and web services are beautiful and elegant. :) Thanks in advance! I love spamgourmet!