Request: Add option that zero-count aliases get hidden

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Request: Add option that zero-count aliases get hidden

Postby VanguardLH » Sat Dec 03, 2011 11:24 pm

To keep the list of aliases to a manageable size, I have to select each alias that has a zero count (how many more messages will be accepted by that alias), one by one, and set it to hidden. Yes, I understand that a zero-count alias can be revitalized by upping its count but typically an alias is used as a self-expiring e-mail address where expiration is based on usage count. Once the remaining usage count gets to zero, any further e-mails to that alias get "eaten" (discarded).

Please add a "Automatically hide aliases with zero remaining uses" option that the user could enable if they want to hide all aliases whose usage count gets decremented to zero. Then when the user visits their Spamgourmet account, one, they don't get bothered with a long list of dead aliases and can just see the ones that are still active and, two, the user doesn't have to update each zero-count alias one at a time to hide it.
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