Problem changing e-mail address in forum profile

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Problem changing e-mail address in forum profile

Postby VanguardLH » Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:53 pm

I did an effective close of an old SG account (by specifying a prefix that is highly unlikely any sender will use although there are problems with the prefix feature noted in another of my posts here). I went to update my SG forum profile to use one of my disposable e-mail addresses (this time at Hotmail). It is a special-use account that requires opt-in for any sender; that is, the account is set to exclusive mode (no one can send to this account unless they are listed in my contacts or Safe Sender whitelist). If the sender isn't whitelisted, their e-mail gets discarded. That means to receive any e-mails from this forum through that account means I have to update that account's whitelist to not block e-mails sent from here.

Alas, your forum software rejected that Hotmail address as banned. I tried some others but they were banned, too, by your forum. I saw somewhere the suggestion that I use an SG alias that points to one of my real accounts. So I tried sgforum.<mysgacct> Your forum reports that as also a banned e-mail address. So SG bans use of its own alternative domains.

I had to use sgforum.<mysgacct> to get your forum software to accept my e-mail change in my forum profile. So you only permit e-mail addresses in profiles that specify the domain. Well, that would be nice to know before having to experiment with several e-mail addresses before finding one that your forum will accept.
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