Alias with "sender" not showing in list

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Alias with "sender" not showing in list

Postby VanguardLH » Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:14 am

  • I created a new SG account.
  • I updated my profile for this forum site to use a new alias in the new account. So this new alias didn't have a max count, I used the "sender" count value (i.e., {word}.sender.{mysgacct}
  • I got the verification e-mail to click on a link to complete the profile update. So I know the new alias with "sender" count worked okay.
  • I search my aliases but there isn't one for this new alias.
What happened? When I changed my e-mail address in my forum profile, it sent a verification e-mail which I received. Since that e-mail had to use the alias to get to my protected account, the alias worked yet I can't find it listed as an alias in my SG account. I've flushed the web browser's TIF cache and even logged off and back on (with a TIF flush in between) and still don't see the {word}.sender.{mysgacct} alias listed in my SG account.

Are sender-type aliases not listed under Advanced -> Search Addresses (blank value to find all of them) even with the "show hidden" option enabled? Did the forum software completely bypass my alias and instead send the verification e-mail directly to my protected e-mail address? I don't think so because the verification e-mail had the following headers:

Delivered-To: {myprotectedacct}
Return-Path: <+{word}+{mysgacct}+c832612587.bbsadmin.josh?>
To: {word}.sender.{mysgacct}
Subject: Reactivate your account (spamgourmetforum: message 2 of 3)
Reply-to: "" <+{word}+{mysgacct}>
From: "" <+{word}+{mysgacct}>
Message-ID: <>

I changed to a new e-mail address in my forum profile, which was {word}.sender.{mysgacct} The verify e-mail was successfully delivered to {myprotectedacct}. What I see in the headers is a mix between my new e-mail alias for my profile that has "sender" and another version that doesn't. The From and Reply-To headers do not have the "sender" threshold count value, so when I replied it went back through {word}.{mysgacct} So it seems the forum software bypassed my alias and sent the e-mail directly to my protected account. If it had used the alias then "sender" would be there. Because I replied to the version without "sender" in the verify e-mail, I now have a new alias without "sender". Yet the To field definitely shows that "sender" was included as the max count value. So either the forum software lied in the From and Reply-To headers or it sent the verify e-mail directly to my account without using the alias that I actually specified in my forum profile.

So now I have an {word}.{mysgacct} alias which doesn't have a "sender" threshold count value and the alias list shows that there is no trusted sender for this shortened alias. How do I get your forum software to specify the alias that I give it - which includes the "sender" threshold count - and have the forum as the trusted sender for that alias? Or is that impossible and I have to manually edit whatever alias it decided to use so look at the headers in e-mails from the forum server to then add it as a trusted sender for that alias?
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