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Postby brotherkennyh » Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:18 pm

Good work Spamgourmet.
I have been using the service since October and have only had 1 piece of spam.

Unfortunately the address that spam was sent to is a contact address listed on a website so I can't have it removed, although I am going to have the website altered to make it harder to pick up automatically.

I hate spam and had been making a point to track down the origins and service providers of all spam I received. Unfortunately I used to get soo much spam it started to take over my life.

I am aware that over 90% of email traffic is spam. The way I see it, if we could eliminate spam then service providers costs would go down. The internet would become cheaper for us and more profitable for the service provider. It's win win.

I came to the conclusion that the only way to truely eliminate spam would be to make it pointless for the spammer to send it and the only way to achieve that is to stop it reaching your mailbox altogether. Not even your spam/junk folder.

See my email signature below and you will get the idea;

---100% spam free since October 2010!! Ask me How. Do not expect a short answer!---
-------Don't just filter spam, stop it reaching your mailbox and kill it off altogether.-------
-----------Note to spammers; Give it your best shot. Enjoy wasting your time.------------

Descartes: "I think, therefore I am".
Spammer: "I spam, therefore I am".
Thus, if I cannot be spammed then to a spammer I do not exist. When too few of us exist for the spammer to bother spamming then the spammer will not spam and thus the spammer will not exist.
No longer should we allow spam to flow freely into our mailbox, or even our spam folders. Close the floodgates. KILL the spam!

This service does a great job of stopping spam, but unfortunately it requires a little effort so most people won't bother to use it. That is a great shame and because of this spam will continue to exist. I look forward to the day when the majority of people know enough about stopping spam that spamming won't be worth doing anymore.

If I can help in any way then I would be glad to. I will be putting a spamgourmet t-shirt and mug on my birthday list.


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