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Few Improvements, keep up the good fight!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:07 am
by brotherkennyh
I hate spam, if we could just stop spam reaching our mailboxes then the spammers would give up and go away forever, but alas being spam free requires a little more knowledge than most people can be bothered with (unless you are reading this of course).
For the rest of us all we can do is keep the spammers out of our own mailboxes so here are just a few suggestions for improvements that may help us do just that;

1. allow uses to create any email address rather then requiring it to have the user name in. Anyone who knows a spamgourmet email address could easily spam a SG user by knowing how the system works.

2. Include an option that users have to create SG address in advance to prevent spammers making them up themselves. mail sent to all non created addresses are automatically deleted when this option is set.

3. Custom domain names would be nice so we can use our own domains email addesses.

4. More than one target email addess.

5. An address book. For the more paranoid (like myself) which I could use to send mail to personal contacts. This is effectively an extension of point 4 and would work as follows. On SG I set the system so that email sent to will automatically be forwarded to, but this email would appear to have been sent from Replies will come to this address. and will be forwarded to my real address looking like they came from
Back in my email program (eg Outlook). I set up the contact
My Mates Name (
Thus creating a forwarding system protecting anyone from ever seeing my real email address.
High Maintenance I appreciate, but I did say for the more paranoid.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome.


-spam free for 6 weeks now, bring it on bytches.
(admittedly I have been slow changing over to my new email)