New usernames when registering 'personal' domains

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I'd like to have spamgourmet service on my personal domain or subdomain with my personal usernames:

Yes, i really like this!
No, the spamgourmet domains are ok for me.
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New usernames when registering 'personal' domains

Postby alexsp » Sat May 02, 2009 1:09 pm

It would be good to have a 'per domain' account so for example i could set up a personal/custom domain and i'll be free to use the username i like.
Very much of the 'nice' usernames are already taken and the problem is that the username is the same for all domains on spamgourmet.

A solution could be to leave the actual domains like now but have the possibility to create accounts, when using custom/personal domains (i activated for example an MX record for my personal domain using spamgourmet service), and choose any free username only on that domain.

For example: alex is already taken, but using my personal domain i could register alex (only for my personal domain and it will be available)..

Any person that agrees and wants new usernames on personal domains?
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