Israeli spammer fired due to a Spamgourmet-like service

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Israeli spammer fired due to a Spamgourmet-like service

Postby lwc » Wed Dec 17, 2008 2:47 pm

Basic health insurance is mandatory in Israel, so everyone must choose a HMO among the few available.

Alas, I personally know someone whose HMO has supplied his Spamgourmet address to spammers. That someone refused to complain.

Yesterday Israel's biggest newspaper announced an Israeli guy ran a (manual) Spamgourmet-like service in his own domain...and got a spam from his exclusive HMO address as well (same HMO as the one above). But he did decide to complain after running a WHOIS check on the advertised domain.

The WHOIS check brought up an Israeli name with the HMO's domain in his e-mail address (e.g. joe@hmo)!

He handed over that name to the chief of security of that HMO. The chief of security admitted to the newspaper that it's a computer worker of them.

The chief of security told the newspaper he got the computer guy to confess. The computer guy was then fired on the spot and the HMO issued a police complaint about him.

The punishment for breaching the secrecy of an information database (such as the one the HMO holds) is 1 year in jail.

Civil penalties could be as high as $13,555 without even proving damages. If they do prove damages, it can go up to $26,709. But if it gets in court, it'll probably be less because he's a private citizen and not a corporation (which is probably why they fired him so quickly - now he carries the entire blame on his own).
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