Max length for someword in alias?

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Max length for someword in alias?

Postby VanguardLH » Sat May 05, 2018 10:15 pm

In the FAQ, the maximum for the someword token is 20 characters. For example, in:

the someword token can be a maximum of 20 characters. A prefix can be configured in the account (which, by the way, then demands the usage token be specified), such as:

Is the prefix token's length included in the someword max character length? Or is the length of the prefix token independent of the someword token? That is, will the following work?

Code: Select all
(the above used the Code formatting because this forum would otherwise truncate the URI)

"prefix13chars" is 13 characters long. "someword20characters" is 20 characters long. Separately each is less than, or equal to, the maximum string length specified in the FAQ; however, "prefix13chars.someword20characters" is 33 characters long (34 if the period character is included).

I'm wondering if I configure my SG account to require a prefix token then will that shorten the max length I can use for the someword token.
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