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slimail - make you mail slim

Postby lwc » Tue Jan 16, 2007 10:03 am

slimail (they like the S to be low capital for some reason) is a new free (albeit the DOT COM) Israeli site/service involving spam (so you see we also do good things with spam...) that I thought may interest you.

Basically it completes this site/service...well, if would if the services were combined. There's no way I'd use two middlemen. Sometimes even one middleman is one too many. :D

Anyway, you give them your address and get a slimail alias address. What they do is clean up the subject and body of each incoming message before forwarding it to your address.

What does cleaning mean? Well, for attachments they add tags to the subject (e.g. "Video:"). Then they let you define filters based on size, content and/or filetypes! They also delete duplicated messages (based on file-hashing), multiple "FW:"s in the subject (oh, how I loathe that!), forwarding paragraphs, antiviruses' outgoing signatures, etc.
Finally, they let you rate messages (currently, only for messages with attachments) so if other people get them too (again based on file hasing, I guess), they see your rating (and vice versa).

You can browse their site and FAQ for more info.

I told them what you do is even more important. Slimming mail is a luxury after you white list it. So they've said they consider providing disposable addresses in the future, but they didn't sound too worried about it.

So to conclude:
Spamgourmet - offers disposable addresses and adds lines to the headers and subject. Filters based on sender. Doesn't save messages once forwarded. Open source. Doesn't change messages' format.
slimail - cleans up the subject and body. Filters based on size, content and/or filetypes. Allows restoring forwarded messages for 30 days (whether you consider this a feature or not). Closed source, but they want you to use their site and not their software. Changes plaintext messages' format to rich text.

An even shorter conclusion:
Spamgourmet - a bodyguard.
slimail - a stylist.

But currently the only way to get both is by forcing people to first go through one and then through the other. No way, I want the two at the same time or only one (and sorry stylish, I rather stick with the bodyguard).

Imagine how great it would be either of you offered what the other does. It would be like "the complete package".
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Re: slimail - make you mail slim

Postby Jim27106 » Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:54 am

lwc wrote:Imagine how great it would be either of you offered what the other does. It would be like "the complete package".

I thought the great guys at SpamGourmet said they would allow anyone to have the source code. Maybe you could convince they need to ask for it and incorporate it.
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Postby josh » Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:20 pm

They don't need to ask for it -- it's on sourceforge: ... ilhandler/
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