Earthlink email outage

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Earthlink email outage

Postby SysKoll » Fri Dec 08, 2006 7:11 pm

Slashdot picked up a story written by Robert X Cringely about Earthlink dropping 80% of inbound emails. This prompted a official explanation, at last:
In October, we did reach a capacity issue on our Web Hosting mail farm that was largely triggered by a sudden and unexpected surge in spam. For a short period of time, this affected email deliverability for some of our Web Hosting customers. We immediately took steps to address the problem. We added more capacity to the mail farm and also migrated hosting mailboxes to an improved mail infrastructure. This resolved the issue. An added benefit of these mailboxes being moved to this new platform is that our web hosting customers now have access to web mail and new anti-spam tools. We have continued to monitor the situation and improve the capacity to ensure ongoing deliverabilty for our hosting customers.

Stephen Currie
Director of Product Management, Communication Applications EarthLink

(Source: ... cern_1.php)

So if you have been forwarding your sg email to an Earthlink address, you might have experienced problems which are *not* attributable to spamgourmet.
-- SysKoll
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