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Postby info » Tue Aug 29, 2006 2:04 pm

3 things: 1) I should mention that spamcop ( ) took action to make sure that the spamgourmet server doesn't get improperly listed in the future -- thanks! That'll hopefully make life easier for the many, many spamgourmet users who also avail themselves of spamcop services; 2) the report I made earlier about the problems with our SSL certificate seems to have been a mistake on my part -- I was indeed getting the spooky popups, but I believe that was caused by a temporarily broken DNS/web configuration; 3) we've pretty much cleared the big queue that built up, and things are humming along -- the botnet attack is still active, but so far we're holding up. Please remember this story -- we're a free service intended for safe delivery of not-very-important messages, and we're more or less on the front lines -- we overwhelm our hardware, we get a attacked, we go down, we do what we can to get back up -- if you have really critical email requirements, you may be lulled into a sense of security by a very long stretch of perfect results from spamgourmet (months, years), but the time will likely come again when your service gets interrupted, and so you might should do some research to find a more stable alternative (if there is one :) ) for your critical stuff.
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