Translation: German version of login page

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Translation: German version of login page

Postby uag » Sat May 30, 2020 11:13 am

on the first page of the GERMAN Languagepage from spamgourmet it reads "Anmelden" and is later continued "oder registrieren Sie sich". (Login .... or register)

The English line "Spamgourmet is staying online!" (I am very happy it does!!) cuts the above sentence in two parts.

Please move this line either after the "E-Mail" line for registration or in a line before "Benutzername" (Username for registration)

The German translation for the phrase to be moved would be: "Spamgourmet bleibt online!"

Your service works so extremly relaiable that the first page in the German version should also look well and professional.

Thank you

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