spamgourmet will be shutting down soon

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Re: spamgourmet will be shutting down soon

Postby vic » Fri Aug 30, 2019 11:13 pm

josh wrote:Hey y'all -- I removed the shutdown announcement from the front page. I'm working with another admin on keeping the system running. At this point, still no new users, and that may be true indefinitely, but it won't be my call. This person will be taking over the payment of the bills (hosting, domains, certificates, etc.) and receipt of the donations.

Hello, Josh,

I created an account just to answer you.
I have been using spamgourmet since 2004 - with great pleasure, satisfaction and security.
This kind of e-mail was a real gift!

I would like to express to you (all your helpers, relatives and acquaintances) my greatest respect and esteem.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you have done!!
SPG will NEVER be forgotten.
You - Josh - have in my heart and life - a candle that burns there forever.
Many thanks for the freedom and security of our e-mail traffic that you have created!

I come from (South)Germany.
My English is not very good - sorry!

As a surgeon (now already 60 years old) I know that you have a hard time ahead of you.
I would love to have you as my patient!
Surely you know that one should not give up.
If death is at the door, then dying is not so bad, but a cruel parish.

Please enjoy your life now - as long as it lasts!
There are still many beautiful days ahead!
Believe me!!!

e-mails are not so important now.
I'm already doing a lot of rebuilding.

Should spamgourmet continue to exist, I would be happy.

I wish you much strength and also joy!

All the best ... vic (Viktor) ;-)
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Re: spamgourmet will be shutting down soon

Postby michaeldlr » Tue Sep 03, 2019 12:55 am

I have managed to import the SVN based code into Git and I have created a repository on GitHub.

If anybody has a clear visible long posting record here I will happily give you access to the repository at least to contribute (unless there are better suggestions). The new sysadmin can obviously even have the whole project handed over to their ownership if that's the right way.

The initial import may not be perfect since I've just done it with
Code: Select all
git svn clone
(can anyone check it??) but I will look into improving it if there is any interest or comments.

Josh ; what can I say. I'm also a mega-long-term user (22,867 forwarded, 6,738 eaten. You have 279 spamgourmet addresses - and that's just one account, I have almost 200 more on another). Our love and thanks. If there is any help you or the new admin are able to accept to help keep the domains running longer before the spammers get them then please just ask. I'm a reasonably competent sysadmin with systems/networking knowledge and so on, I'd be willing to find a chunk of time to make the shutdown less painful for the users and less work for you. OTOH, if you just leave it or do anything at all we will all be grateful for all you did for us.
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