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Postby steveparbbs » Wed Nov 06, 2019 10:58 am

Hi Josh,

Just a very short note to thank you profusely for your generous and community spirited service all these years. I've been using Spamgourmet longer than I can remember.

I was sorry to hear recently of your diagnosis and the prognosis. I recognise that in the West the subject of death is still something of a taboo and therefore I hope it's not crass to say that we have all bought a ticket to the same inevitable destination. As a meditator, I contemplate my death frequently and i often wonder how I will deal with that news when it is inevitably delivered to me and the process that follows it. Obviously, I assume that I will not be one of the ones who expires in a snap of the fingers without any forewarning, although we generally do not know the mode of our passing until it is close to hand.

If a cure isn't possible and obviously there are medical advances every day, so I wouldn't give up on that idea casually, but then from your demeanour I know I needn't point that truth out to you, then I hope that your passing is peaceful and achieved in a state of completeness with this life.

With heartfelt best wishes to you. Thank you for touching my life in a very positive, constructive and generous context. I just hope that I can learn to be more giving of myself in observance of your fine example. I promise that I will be mindful of your example from time to time and seek to embrace those noble qualities in gratitude to you for the positive influence you have had on my life.
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