barracuda listing us again

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barracuda listing us again

Postby josh » Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:34 pm

Not sure how it's happening (or otherwise why it has only been happening for the last year or so) but the Barracuda service appears to be including our server again, which is resulting in mail loss for spamgourmet users who use services that use barracuda.

Previously some of our users had received assurances that the problem had been resolved, and it appeared to have been resolved, but I just saw a fresh rejection in our logs.

We looked into getting de-listed ourselves, but it looked like we would have to pay a recurring fee to make that happen, which we refuse to do - sure feels like extortion.

Unless this clears up, we simply have to recommend that our users don't use barracuda (or use a service that does) for the spamgourmet forwarding address (or use some alternative to spamgourmet, if that's easier).
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