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Postby info » Sat May 29, 2010 4:15 am

OK, so anyway I'm on a business trip earlier this week in Mexico City and in my hotel room I got on ebay and bought a POE switch to get shipped to my house in Texas, and I payed with paypal - strangely, paypal didn't do a bank transfer like it has every other time for the last 10 years or so, but instead tried to hit the credit card they had on file, but I had canceled that credit care last year because I lost it or something, so instead I chose for them to issue an "e-check" which was the only other choice besides putting in another credit card, which I didn't want to do because I was in Mexico City - I figured, well, they can probably tell that the transaction came from Mexico City, so maybe they don't think it's me, so they're using a more secure method than hitting my bank account - OK, whatever - forgot about it, and then the next morning, I had an email from godaddy saying that automatic billing for a domain renewal had failed, and so I looked into it, and sure enough, paypal had tried to hit that canceled credit card and bounced - and I guess because I wasn't there to choose "e-check", the transaction just failed so I called paypal and they were *really* good at talking for a long time without giving *any* information about what happened except that there was a security flag *on the godaddy transaction* - not my account overall - weird - anyway, the godaddy email said it would try again on May 31, so I went ahead and updated the darn credit card so it would go through on the next try, and then finished the trip and came home and wasn't thinking about it until I tried to put up my blog at recursor.net and got an ugly godaddy parked domain screen ---- they friggin' took over the domain, so I went to godaddy and manually renewed and it should be back up soon.

Anyway, that's what happened - sorry about that. Gosh darned paypal and godaddy, especially godaddy. I might go looking for a new registrar.
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