Max number of "trusted senders" for a given SG id

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Max number of "trusted senders" for a given SG id

Postby rdigqd » Wed Dec 06, 2006 1:51 am

Casting wildly about here mebbe, but...

Josh, Syskoll, et al.,

Is there some (inherent in the SG code or otherwise) top-end
max on the number of "trusted senders" for a given SG id??

ALL of my id's (referenced primarily thru "" SG domain)
have been getting slaughtered with 6-to-72+ hour delays of
late, but those on one particular account with 130+ "trusted
senders" have stopped coming through ALL TOGETHER ... not
even the test messages I send -- in case against all odds all
the other folks eveywhere in creation accessing me thru that
id decided to go 'silent' -- come thru.

Same thing seemingly happens on a parallel id I set up on

So, the (>25 years) ex-pgmer in my sez, "have I hit some
magic 'don't go there' , intentional-or-not, internal limit??"


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