What if mail fails to get delivered?

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What if mail fails to get delivered?

Postby alsbergt » Mon May 15, 2006 6:11 pm

I am wondering what would happen, if my protected e-mail address is unavailable for a short while. That is - will my mail get lost then?

Say it this way - if I give somebody my normal e-mail address, and for some reason the mail server here is down or does not work for a while (happened last month) they send me e-mail, then either:

* (if there is an error message, rejection, or bounce from the mail server), he will get a bounce and the message returned, knowing that the mail did not get through, or

* if the server or communication to it is down for a short while, the sending server will queue the message and retry every once in a while, until it decides the message is undeliverable and then bounce.

Now, if I give somebody my SpamGourmet e-mail address - and they send mail, given that the SpamGourmet server is functional, but the mail server of my protected address is down, what will happen? Will SpamGourmet retry every once in a while, send back a bounce, or lose the message completely? And if the mail server of my protected address rejects the message or returns an error - will the sender be notified that there was an error and that the message did not get through?

I am not asking about the case of the message left counter going to 0, where obviously all incoming mail to the address is eaten and lost by design. But if the counter is positive, and the protected e-mail address is not reachable for some reason.

That matters to me, to know whether I can give a SpamGourmet e-mail address to companies from whom it may be important to me to receive mail.

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