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Postby Slappy » Wed Apr 07, 2004 10:37 pm

I gave out an address and never received the email I wanted. I check it out and I see 5 max., 0 remaining, 0 sent and 1 deleted. Hmmm. so I up the remaining to 5. Then I get the the email, the numbers go to 5max, 4 remaining, 6 sent and 1 delted.

These numbers are confusing me now. Did I check the stats too early or something?

Postby SysKoll » Thu Apr 08, 2004 5:31 pm

Wait, you're saying that this sample.5.user address was created with counters max=5 and remaining=0, instead of max=5 and remaining=5? Is that right?

FYI, I just tried to create an adress by sending a first message to a new address and the counters were initialized properly with remaining and max at the same value. So I couldn't reproduce the problem.

If you want us to reproduce the problem, please be specific: when you say you gave this address, who sent the first message to you (the message that created the disposable address)? Was it an individual? A web site? Can you please give details about the sender if it's a web site?

Please respond through private message if necessary.
-- SysKoll
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