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Mail from trusted sender sometimes decrementing mssg counter

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, 2021 2:13 am
by Whatifi
I’m signed up with the Meetup platform, and it only has my spamgourmet address. I have the .com and .org form of the company name as Trusted Senders, and I’ve never received mail from them from any other domain, except from one group on the platform.

The emails from this one group omit the part of the sender address before the “@“ that normally looks like the sender’s address, i.e. if the sender is, that part should look like . These emails are decrementing the message counter. All my other emails from Meetup arrive to my protected email account without decrementing the message counter, and they aren’t missing that part of the sender address.

This looks to me like something that is happening before it arrives to Spamgourmet, but I’m not sure I understand. I think the groups can only send email via the platform, and I doubt they’d even have access to the subscriber’s email address unless the subscriber gave it to them. Furthermore, if this is an attempt to filter spamgourmet, for one thing, they’re doing the opposite and getting themselves filtered, and another thing, why would it only be a certain group?

Also can someone explain to me what the alpha-numeric string constant in the middle maps to? (After the SG username and before the sender email address.)

Re: Mail from trusted sender sometimes decrementing mssg cou

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 4:43 pm
by mysticturner
Let me go through the easy stuff first, your questions about some of the details of addresses.

    The decrementing vs. not decrementing sounds like a problem that we recently had due to a bug introduced in May. That has now been fixed and emails since about the first of July should be decrementing the counter correctly.

    The entire substitution of a spamgourmet address for the redirect address occurs within the spamgourmet server. The originator should be using the spamgourmet address in its recepient list.

    What I'm wondering is did your redirect address escape by you responding to an email that came in. Perhaps did a reply all. Lets say you had an email come in from Meetup that was sent to your spamgourmet address along with 5 other, normal addresses. If you did a reply all, your response might go back directly to those 5 normal addresses, to the meetup server, and to spamgourmet and be processed. The copy to SG depends upon your client. You could get an exact copy of your response that the other 5 people & meetup got. But in the meantime, those 5 also would get a your redirect address.

    The random looking string of 10 characters is part of an MD5 hash of a combination of the spamgourmet address and the key of the user.
All that said, does that help with anything?