Emails not not relayed to or forwarded by Spamgourmet

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Emails not not relayed to or forwarded by Spamgourmet

Postby spamgourmet-user » Sat Jul 18, 2020 1:23 pm


First of all, thank you very much for maintaining this service for so many years already.

I have an issue lately that emails from certain services are not relayed to Spamgourmet or not correctly processed / forwarded by Spamgourmet.
I noticed this behavior specifically for cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken or HitBTC.
Emails from these senders do not show up in my Spamgourmet account at all.
They neither appear as forwarded nor as eaten, i.e. the addresses' counters for forwarded and eaten messages remain unchanged when the service claims to have sent out an email.
I even deleted address in spamgourmet for one of the services for retesting receiving an email from that service and the email address did not get recreated.

What can i do about this?
Are the crypto exchanges messing up in actually sending the email?
Is the email blocked somewhere between the exchange and Spamgourmet? Is that a targeted attack?
Is Spamgourmet not processing the email correctly?
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