Mail forwarding very unreliable

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Re: Mail forwarding very unreliable

Postby katha » Sun Jun 14, 2020 8:25 am


may be every gmx/web-User writes united internet (their have a contact-formular) that one deletes the accout, if gmx/web is not working really hard to solve the problem. Other e-mail-providers are existing, it's easy to switch to a competitor.

I have done that already and if united internet is not willing to help (or even does'nt answer) I will delete my accounts there.

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Re: Mail forwarding very unreliable

Postby kuru » Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:31 pm

ckern wrote:I have an GMX ProMail account and I have the same problems, started a few months ago.
Some mails got lost, some mails got even rejected, most ones take hours to arrive.
I always thought Spamgourmet's performances had degraded: Today I learned from this thread here that I'm not alone and that it is specific to GMX/ customers.
Since I'm a paying customer of GMX, I reported the problem today to GMX's support. I'll let you know what happens.

BTW: In the meantime, I changed the target address from GMX to my address => No problem anymore. Mails arrive instantly.
But I'll see what GMX will tell me ...

I have a GMX free account and I have the same problem.
First I thought it's because of spamgourmet not working, but reading this it seems that it's GMX fault. I was wondering why the messages always ticked down, but I never got a mail - at least most of tthe time.
Sometimes I get all messages delivered to an address, sometimes I get part of them, most of the time I don't get any. When creating a new disposable address most of the time I don't get any mail, sometimes a new address gets one.
I have tried to figure out the problem (usage of underscores, address name length, used domain, number of max mails, etc.), but I don't see anything that would match between the ones I got mails and those I didn't.
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