Does SG block multiple copies to same address?

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Does SG block multiple copies to same address?

Postby fsjws4 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:28 pm

I was trying to do some testing with a (non-SG-related) email problem, and I needed to send a bunch of messages to several CC'd recipients. I had the idea of using a series of SG addresses like "". That way, I could see exactly how many came through, which ones were cut off, etc.

When I sent an email CC'd to 50 distinct SG addresses (all with my username), I received 2 of the messages. (#1 and #26, if you're curious) Checking the addresses on the SG website, the other 48 addresses weren't even listed -- as if they'd never gotten the email at all.

I tried sending 50 more from a different email server, and got only 1 message. (#38) Again, the others don't show up in the list on on the website.

More experimenting shows that if I send to exactly 1 SG address, I'll consistently get the email. If I send to >1 (even 2) address, I'll usually not get any of them. When I don't get them, they don't increment the counts on the site.

Is SG detecting multiple messages sent to the same account as spam, and eating them before it gets to the forwarding part?
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