Almost 10,000?!?

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Almost 10,000?!?

Postby End User » Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:36 pm

It was just noticed that one of our addresses was logged as having sent nearly 10,000 emails! We have NEVER sent anywhere near that many from all sources much less from this one address. Upon a closer look there are a few more of our addresses that are also listed as having sent many THOUSANDS of emails.

What can be done about someone(s) using our addresses sending out what is most likely RUBBISH???
End User
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Re: Almost 10,000?!?

Postby josh » Mon Jul 13, 2015 4:05 pm

There's a terminology problem there - the "sent" number is the number of messages sent from the spamgourmet server to you, the user, not the number of messages sent from you through the address. I should fix that. It made sense before we introduced reply address masking (which was, um, a long time ago)
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