Reserved word "Name:" in sender msg causing failur

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Reserved word "Name:" in sender msg causing failur

Postby smallbear » Thu Jul 26, 2012 6:05 am

Hi. A sender with whom I'm communicating (my girlfriend in fact) has her name in the e-mail client set to be "Name: firstname lastname" and her mail address in the format "<>"

For reasons irrelevant here, she can't change this easily and remove the weird string "Name:" because it's handled by the company's IT department, but from what I can determine, it's causing Spamgourmet to fail on incoming messages to me. I believe it may be caused by the reserved word "Name:" forming part of her e-mail name.

On receiving a message, Spamgourmet changes the sender's details to show "Name -" (yes, it changes the : to a - (hyphen) and it loses her e-mail address, replacing it with a strange version of my own e-mail address, with a HEX suffix attached. Within the incoming mail headers, her original e-mail address is nowhere to be seen, yet it can be seen if she sends a mail directly to my personal domain e-mail address and not via Spamgourmet.

Because of this, I can't put her in my trusted senders list - it simply doesn't work because her mail has no valid sender after Spamgourmet has corrupted it.

If she sends mail directly to my private domain, it's fine, no problems.

In addition to this, Spamgourmet also creates a WINMAIL.DAT attachment in every incoming message from her. The attachment contains a semi-readable version of the message, part of which is entirely in capital letters. Perhaps it's a kind of debug log?

What's going on here? I have no similar issues with other senders, although my mail sent from Spamgourmet to my girlfriend fails also, presumably because it's treated as spam.
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Follow up to corruption in received message via Spamgourmet

Postby smallbear » Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:52 pm

I have since carried out further investigation using two of my own e-mail accounts and I have proved that the following happens.

Sender's name "Name: Firstname Lastname"
Message sent to a Spamgourmet user's account.

When Spamgourmet forwards the message, it changes the name to:

"Name - "

... and it breaks the sender's e-mail address, replacing it with a corrupt version of the Spamgourmet user's address - such as...

It is also not possible to put the sender into the allowed sender list, because there isn't one!
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Postby pblinks » Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:00 pm

WINMAIL.DAT is created by Outlook, search the web for info. Nothing to do with Spamgourmet, all to do with poor configuration.

What seems to be happening in your case is simply that the "from" field is not filled with the usual information that any sg forwarded e-mail has: The first part would be the selected "name shown" which sg sets to be the sender's selected name in their e-mail client plus the actual address of the sender. The " " is the actual address your e-mail server is receiving the forwarded message from, you can check that this exists as well on any correctly received message.

Since you actually know the sender's address, have you tried adding it to the exclusive sender? or you just didn't do it assuming it wouldn't work because the e-mail shows this "corrupt" string?

If the system really does not accept the messages received as being from the address you set as exclusive sender, then, and only then, I would think of it as a bug. If in fact it works, then the problem would be only cosmetic.
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