Help! I'm not getting email from a particular address.

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Help! I'm not getting email from a particular address.

Postby greatwolf » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:46 pm

I've already sent a PM to Josh for help on this but I'm starting a thread here just incase others run into similar issues:

For reference, the PM sent:

* My spamgourmet account is:

* My protected address is: --

* I went to my account and, in the Advanced tab, I disabled the Watchword enforcement, or made sure it was already disabled YES__X___ NO____

* Still in the same Advanced tab, I deleted my prefix, or made sure I didn't have any prefix defined YES__X__ NO____

* Then I sent myself a test message from the email "--" to the disposable address on (date) 4/23/2012 1:24PM

I received the test message but not the email from Spamgourmet does decrement the counts correctly and increments the sent count correctly. The email from "" just never shows up. Please help.

I'm requesting a 'password reset' from ... assistance but that email never arrives in my inbox.

Here are the things I've already tested and verified:
    Watchword enforcement is off
    No prefix words are set -- that field is blank
    Set the remaining count back to 20

Here are the things I've noticed:

I've set remaining count to 0 and then requesting another email. The eaten spam log shows '' under the from column. That's how I found out which mail wasn't coming through and from where.

When testing from another email address, all seems fine. I've tested this from a gmail account and from email account.

The sent count and remain count increments and decrements properly when '' email comes in.

Changing the protected email address from my one to does not fix the problem. The same thing still happens. This indicates that it shouldn't be a problem from the email provider's end -- eg. they're not blocking emails from certain domains.

Anyone have any ideas why I'm not receiving the email for password reset from ''? This is quite frustrating since I cannot access my game account without this!
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