RFE: Add option to auto-hide aliases with 0 remaining uses

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RFE: Add option to auto-hide aliases with 0 remaining uses

Postby VanguardLH » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:08 pm

Request for Enhancement (RFE):
Automatically set the hidden attribute on an alias whose usage count decrements to zero.

I have to periodically go into my account to clean it up. Any aliases with a zero remaining use count have to be manually hidden. I have to use the Advanced tab to do a search (on all) to find which aliases have a zero count for remaining uses then click on each alias to elect to hide that alias from the normal search results.

I realize that it isn't required that I hide the zero-count aliases except they create a mess when trying to manage my current list of aliases. Rather than make the user do all the manual cleanup, and because it is likely that when they reach zero for number of remaining uses that the user doesn't want to see or use them anymore, just make the zero-count aliases get automatically hidden. When an alias' usage count decrements down to zero then automatically enable the hidden attribute for that alias. This would keep the list of active aliases both smaller and neater and actually only show the *active* aliases.

If the user wants to resume use of an alias that got hidden, they can do a search that includes hidden aliases. Aliases never get deleted so they are always available to change their attributes. In the script that decrements the remaining usage count for an alias, add a check to see if the resulting decremented value is zero; if so, enable the hidden attribute on that alias.
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