How are variant e-mail forms resolved

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How are variant e-mail forms resolved

Postby crom2 » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:56 pm

I'm not getting e-mails on one of my addresses. In this case the address in question is one that the original 3 messages expired, about 70 were then absorbed, and then I increased the limit to 20.

So to be explicit:
number eaten: 70
number alowed: 20 (now)
number left: 17 (now)

as you can see it's a bit weird to have more eaten than allowed and yet still have some left and I wonder if that is the cause of the problem.

here is the problem:

Im still getting e-mails from the company sent to

but I'm not getting messages from the company sent to:

Additionally, when I do get messages from
it no longer increments the messages received counter. it still keeps saying 3 out of 20.

There seems to be not just one but multiple malfunctions being exhibited here.

I note that I'm a very long time user of spam gourmet and have many addresses. The service normally works fine for me. I have looked in my spam filters locally for the missing messages and not found them.
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Postby Nomen Nescio » Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:30 pm

You do realise you are referring to two different addresses in your posting, don't you?

are TWO addresses. The first, when originally used, allows a maximum of seven messages through, unless reset. The second allows a maximum of 10 messages through, unless reset.

You may have reset one, but not the other, if you are confused about the addresses. If you check under the advanced tab, you should see them listed separately, and quite probably one of them will not have been reset. You can reset both, so that a sender can send up to 20 messages to, and up to 20 messages to The number in the middle is only relevant when the address is used for the first time.

I hope that helps.

Nomen Nescio
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